BC’s Safe Reopening Plan

BC's Safe Reopening Plan

BC’s Restart Plan lays out a series of steps that we will take together to protect people and ensure that our province can come back from COVID-19 stronger than before.


Many Hotels in BC will be welcoming only BC guests. Starting July 6, however, travelers from other provinces, as well as Americans- depending on border restrictions- will be Welcomed.

Reopen Plan for Mid-May

  • Restoration of health services
  • Medically related services
  • Retail sector
  • Hair salons, barbers, and another personal service establishment
  • In-person counseling
  • Restaurants, cafes, and pubs (with sufficient distancing measures)
  • Recreation and sports
  • Park, beaches, and outdoor spaces
  • Child Care

Reopen Plan for June to September

If transmission rates remain low or in decline, people can begin traveling through B.C.

  • Hotels and Resorts are opening in June 2020
  • Parks- broader reopening, including some overnight camping
  • Film industry- beginning with domestic productions
  • Select entertainment- movies and symphony, but not large concerts

Parks Reopen

BC Parks and Recreation Sites and Trails BC will reintroduce services in keeping with direction from the Provincial Health Officer.

Reopening BC’s parks will come in rapid stages. BC priority is providing safe access and services to people across the province while maintaining the safety of staff and park operators.

Beginning of May 14, 2020, those BC Parks, recreation sites, and trails that can accommodate physical will reopen for day use only.

This will include day-use sites and protected areas. Parks and recreation sites that can safely provide existing service levels, such as garbage disposal and washroom facilities, will do so. These facilities will be cleaned more frequently.

Some areas and facilities remain closed including a playground, picnic shelters, and visitor centers.